The Health District’s need to grow:

The District was formed in 2005, but it took 2 years to find a provider willing to move here to open it.  We have gone from a patient base of 200 to approximately 700 and service more than 2600 patients yearly.  This has been done with one provider and a staff of four.  The building we received is substandard and is not holding up well with all of our use.  We need a new building!


We Care! Building Campaign

Our We Care Campaign is designed to build a new building directly behind the current one, with more accessible parking and entry that is not directly into the west wind!  This increase space will have the room for two full time providers, part time providers, procedures and urgent care, behavioral health and full dental services. 

This will require community, county and state support.

The current building will then be rehabbed to house part time providers and students, physical therapy, meeting and storage space.  These needs are something we currently do not have.


Why we need more space:

We are out of space

Staff is crowded

No room to expand current building

We need to add more providers and services


Services we could provide:

More providers for full time care

Increase pediatric care

Increase telemedicine visits

Increase ability for home visits

Full time Behavioral Health

Urgent Care hours—including Saturday hours

Specialty services

Alternative health services

Increase job market in South Wasco County


Memorial Foundation

Deschutes Rim Clinic Foundation is an independent 501(3)c governmental not-for-profit organization designed to assist medication needs of our clients, capital equipment and the expansion of our services.  To date we have received over $10,000 in memorial donations from the community.



We will gaining access to the developing fiberoptics in the Maupin area, which will give us improved access to other medical facilities around the state where our patients get their care.  We will be INTER-connected to medical databases for improved bi-directional access where patients are receiving care.