November 6:  Please VOTE!!!  Deschutes Rim Clinic Option Tax Levy

On the November 6th, 2018 ballot: 


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Deschutes Rim Clinic is overseen by White River Health District Board of Directors.  We have a permanent tax base of $0.25/$1000.00 of assessed value, set in 2005, which is not sufficient for general clinic operations and cannot, by law, be changed.  This tax rate is one of the lowest in the State for any health district. 

The District requested a Local Option Tax twice in th epast 9 years, which the voters approved, to offset this low permanent tax rate.  Even with the Local Option Tax levy of $0.50/$1000.00 of assessed value, there is still a shortfall every year prior to taxes being collected.

The clinic's operational expenses include personnel costs which have increased from $259,000.00 to over $433,000.00 in the past four years--an increase of 40%, primarily due to increased providers to keep the clinic open more hours.  Materials and services have increased by 40-50% in that same amount of time.  Revenues and taxes have not kept up the same pace.  

We have attempted to meet this short fall with: grants, which are very difficult to come by; short term loans from Oregon Special Districts which are no longer available; and most recently, a credit line with the bank which was established this past year to cover the shortfall.  The new local option tax will replace the current one which expired this year.  It will be used for general operations and allow the Deschutes Rim Health Clinic to operate with full services and increase hours of operation.   

The White River Health District asks the voters of South Wasco County to approve this Local Option Tax Levy for Deschutes Rim Clinic of $0.75/$1000.00 of assessed value for five (5) years starting in July 2019.  

How much will this cost?  If your property is assessed at $250,000.00, the additional increase from $0.50/$1000.00 assessed value to $0.75/$1000.00 assessed value will cost you about $62.50 more than it has the previous nine (9) years.  



The Deschutes Rim Health Clinic is a rural community health care organization located in Maupin, Oregon.  The clinic’s service area is within a federally-designated Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA), meaning it has an “acute shortage of health care providers” and also is a federally-designated Medically Underserved Area (MUA), meaning it lacks the resources “to meet the medical needs of the resident population.”

 The goals of the clinic are to provide quality primary health care services to the community, to provide health education that is oriented toward health maintenance and prevention and to offer specialty services to an isolated community.

It is the philosophy of the Deschutes Rim Health Clinic to provide the rural communities of South Wasco County with high quality medical care for our friends, neighbors, and visitors.

Notice to Patients

Deschutes Rim Clinic serves ALL patients regardless of inability to pay.  Discounts for essential services are offered depending upon family size and income.  You may apply for a discount at the front desk.

Thank you!

Aviso para Pacientes

Deschutes Rim Clinica ofrecen servicios de atencion medica primaria y preventive, sin considerar la capacidad de los pacientes para pagar.  Los cargos generados por servicios de salud son calculados de acuerdo al nivel de ingreso del paciente.  Pacientes pueden aplicar para servicios medicos con la recepcionista en la clinica.



Our Vision

We will provide recognized, optimal resources for comprehensive healthcare in South Wasco County.


What We Value:

  • Community
  • Health and Well-being
  • Connectivity
  • Professionalism
  • Non-profit status