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Fundraising changes coming. . . 

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Our fund raiser for Deschutes Rim Clinic Foundation was a huge success!  Thank you to all the many wonderful volunteers who showed up for four days to set up, prepare, participate and clean up!  Many hands made short work of it!  And THANK YOU to this wonderful community for all your support!  120 of you came to eat and about 20 more volunteered to serve you.  Pretty cool! 

Our awardees were: 

  • Community Volunteers of the Year: Lucille Peterson for her involvement in the Tygh Valley Community Center meal site, and
  • Tom McDowell for all his many involvements in South Wasco County for many years.  
  • Veterans of the Year: Pat Stough (Hippie Pat) a Marine Veteran of Vietnam jungles, and
  • Merle Hlavka, an Air Force Veteran in Alaska.  
  • Door prize winners were Elaine Rathke, Donna Hlavka, Michelle Pelkey and Karen DuPuis. 

If you did not get your auction item information, please call me: 541-705-7610.  

Rod Maguire of Paradise Rose Chuckwagon Catering did a fantastic job!  We are now working on next years event--we think we will change it up a bit.  

I apologize for the length of the auction--people kept giving us really nice things to put in and I couldn't say no!  

All proceeds go to the Deschutes Rim Clinic Foundation.  The Deschutes Rim Clinic Foundation is funding a larger medical building for more specialty services, increased hours and staff.