Generous donors who have already given to The Foundation include:

Naomi Hefling
Cherie Grahn
Errol and Bonnie Maddox
Betty Moody
Seth, Cherie and Family Grahn
Myrna Rhodes
Bruce and Cleone Magnuson
Merle Hlavka
Ronald and Elaine Rathke
Stephen and Rita Ganders
Joe and Marga Holub
Janaliece Larkin
Betty Moody
Kenneth and Della Christensen
Bill and Donna Bachman
Ann Denison
Norman and Sandy Adams
Gary and Sharon DeHart
Dennis Beechler
Russell Sinclair
Christopher Hubbard
Mickey Snodgrass
Terry and Karen Tacker
Peter Bregman
Wayne Bothwell
Crystal Valasco
Doug and Diane Jones
Darlene Uhden
Francine Bossio
Dr. Lee BallentineMaupin Hardware
River Run Lodge
Deschutes Canyon Fly Shops
Stonebridge Bar and Grill
Ride Connection, Inc.
Canyon Garden Plants

Michelle Pelkey