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White River Health District dba Deschutes Rim Clinic

'The Deschutes Rim Clinic Foundation, (501(3)c Reg. #46-5424290) is the funding source for our building.  The District needs to build a new medical building which will accomodate the increased patient population for the next 20-30 years. 

  • Since 2007, the Deschutes Rim Health Clinic has provided for the complete healthcare of rural residents in our area, which is medically underserved. Deschutes Rim Clinic Foundation was founded in 2015 to support the Deschutes Rim Health Clinic in providing quality health care and services to the residents of South Wasco County.  Our clinic provides full medical, behavioral and dental health services, including telemedicine and same day visits for immediate care.  White River Health District (dba Deschutes Rim Health Clinic) covers 750 square miles and is a nonprofit local government, formed in 2001 as a Special District of Oregon to provide medical services to South Wasco County, a rural area encompassing 2/3 of Wasco County. We serve the residents and visitors of Sportsman’s Park, Wamic, Tygh Valley, Pine Grove, Juniper Flat, Maupin, Oak Springs Fish Hatchery, Shaniko, and South Junction. Ours is the lowest taxed health district in the State of Oregon.  Our current provider is a Physician Assistant who has been caring full-time for approximately 2,600 patient visits a year for the past 11 years, with occasional part time help.  She also is the District Manager and Deschutes Rim Clinic Foundation Director, and has led the Clinic to become a Tier 4 Patient Centered Primary Care Home and one of Oregon’s CPC Plus Track 1 Medicare Program Sites.
  • The White River Health District has a population of 2,600 and is expected to grow an additional 3% over the next ten years.  We have seen a steady increase in demand for our services over the past two years.  Our service area is rural and very remote, with the closest pharmacy and emergency room 45 miles away in The Dalles.   In 2016 Maupin was identified as an “Area of Unmet Health Care Need in Rural Oregon” by the Oregon Office of Rural Health, particularly due to the travel time to the nearest hospital and above average hospitalization for preventable conditions.  This year, 2018, our provider, Sharon DeHart, was awarded Oregon Rural Health Associations "Hero of the Year" award.  
  •  Our local school district shares our geographic range, and over 95% of the students qualify as economically disadvantaged as our poverty levels are high. 12% of our population is Latino and 6% is Native American. We also serve summer visitors which number up to 80,000.  Our current population is about 35% Medicare, 30% Medicaid, 25% commercial, and the remaining 10% are either under-insured or un-insured.  All people living in or visiting our service area are invited to use the Health Clinic services, regardless of their ability to pay.  
  • Deschutes Rim Health Clinic opened for business in Maupin in 2007, and began providing behavioral health services to area residents as well as medical in 2014.  We have been renting clinic space to a dental provider since the beginning so that our patients have access to complete medical care.
  • Deschutes Rim Health Clinic provides chronic disease management, preventive medical services, Medicare Wellness and well person/child visits, behavioral health services, lab services, and vaccinations.  We also provide immediate care for injuries and illnesses which do not require a hospital emergency room, and stabilization for those who do.  We provide home visits when needed and work closely with hospice to provide in-home coverage for the dying and their families, regardless of non-payment.
  • Deschutes Rim Clinic needs a new and expanded clinic building as we have outgrown the current building of 2,400 square feet.  The current building only has two (2) exam rooms, which is not even enough for one full time provider, and there is no space to have a second provider (as you know if you have been one of those unlucky enough to need to be seen when we are busy).  We do not have a procedure (office surgical) room, so we must use one of the two exam rooms.  We do not have space to have any meetings unless we close the clinic and use the lobby or go offsite.  Our provider office is nice for collaboration but is maxed out if more than two people are in there.  We do not have a break room or kitchen space for staff.  The way the current building was placed on the site also faces into the wind, so every time the front doors open all the heat is stripped from the lobby.  Because of the poor construction and insulation we have several months of the year that our electric bill is over $600; it used to be over $800 until we replaced all the thin windows in the building. 
  • The new building will be just under 7,400 square feet and give us five (5) patient exam rooms, plus 1 flex exam room, which can be shared by two (2) providers.  We will have a separate room for  procedures where we can do EKG's, biopsies, and other office surgical procedures, and not take up regular exam room space.  This procedure room will have an actual ambulance entry (so patients would no longer have to go out through the main lobby!), There will be a meeting room, a large provider collaboration office with space for medical, behavioral and dental providers to all meet for better patient consults.  The lab will be up front, off the lobby, so you don't have to walk all the way through the building, nor will the lab person have to carry urine down the hall!  The front office will be designed as an actual front medical office.  We will have the space to add a medical xray unit and a panoramic dental xray unit when funds become available.  The dental space will have two (2) chairs for a dentist and one (1) for hygiene or expanded dental practice procedures.  The new building will have zone heating and air conditioning allowing for better staff and patient comfort in the lobby and the exam rooms. 
  • We  contracted with Westby Associates Inc., out of Vancouver Washington, in January 2017, to assist with re-structuring our mission statement and vision, and initiate the fundraising.  We have now taken over the fundraising portion ourselves.  We are continuing to contract with Westby for development of grant applications, and have been awarded $60,000 so far in grants.  We are now applying to some of the larger foundations for assistance.  This is not a quick and simple process and requires alot of management time. 
  • Our capital budget is $2.5 million dollars.  We received a $1,000,000 grant in 2017 from the State of Oregon to jumpstart our fundraising, but since the grant application was approved and monies received faster than anticipated, it actually preceeded much of our fundraising efforts.  Since then we have been successful in raising over 50% of the additional $1.5 million needed through donations and other grants.  But we still have a long way to go.  
  • For the past two years, we have held an annual fundraising dinner in the fall.  Last year's prime rib dinner and auction netted just over $30,000.  This year's dinner and auctions have grossed approximately $47,000; final tallies are in process. 
  • The Foundation is using Community Bank in Joseph, Oregon, as our banker.  Community Bank is a long standing locally owned and operated financial institution and specializes in rural development.  Community Bank has funded many other eastern Oregon medical building projects, so they are very familiar with the unique process that is involved.  However, until we can secure committed funding for the majority of remaining $1.5 milllion needed for the new clinic, we are unable to secure a building or construction loan.   
  • Pinnacle Architecture out of Bend Oregon was selected by an RFP (Request For Proposal)  process.  They have worked diligently with the District management to develop a final design, and the goal is for ground breaking late spring 2019, with completion around early 2020.  We are currently in the pre-construction phase, which means finalizing sub-contract bids, permitting, etc.  
  • R&H Construction out of Bend Oregon was also selected by an RFP process as our contractor.  There were many reasons for this, but the two primary ones were 1) how they treat their subcontrators, and 2) our belief that the city project and the District project should not have the same contracting team.  They have been very accomodating to the District Manager's special requests. 
  •  Sharon Denison DeHart, is the District Manager and is also the only full time provider currently for the Deschutes Rim Clinic,  She is the point person who can answer any questions on this major project.  Her management time is split between also caring for the patients of South Wasco County.  If you have any questions, please contact Sharon at (redacted).   

How can you help?


We need to have your help finding people, even from out of the area, who are able to donate toward building a much larger medical clinic for more services.  We are looking for donations of any amount, of course, but donations of $1000 or more would be incredibly helpful.  Any donation of $5,000 or more will be able to name a room in the clinic.  

We are also selling memorial blocks, either 9-inch glass blocks or subway tiles, both of which will be incorporated throughout the new clinic.   See form at bottom of page. 

Donations are tax deductible! 

Thank you for your donation to Deschutes Rim Clinic Foundation!

PLEASE use the PayPal secure payment or mail your check to:


P. O. Box 219, Maupin, OR 97073-0219

541-395-2911 / 541-395-2912


The Health District’s need to grow:

The District was formed in 2005, but it took 2 years to find a provider willing to move here to open it.  We have gone from a patient base of 200 to approximately 700 and service more than 2600 patients yearly.  This has been done with one provider and a staff of four.  The building we received is substandard and is not holding up well with all of our use.  We need a new building!


We Care! Building Campaign

Our We Care Campaign is designed to build a new building on the same site as the current one, with more accessible parking and entry that is not directly into the west wind!  This increase space will have the room for two full time providers, part time providers, procedures and urgent care, behavioral health and full dental services. 

This will require community, county and state support.  The State has already given their support, in the form of a $1,000,000 grant!  We will be meeting with the County Commissioners and community members throughout this entire process.  

The current building will then be rehabbed to house part time providers and students, physical therapy, meeting and storage space.  These needs are something we currently do not have.



Services we could provide if we have more space:

Urgent care hours in evenings and weekends

More providers to see more patients

Full time Behavioral Health

Increased hours for better access for pediatric care

Increased telemedicine visits

Increased ability for home visits

Specialty services

Alternative health services

Increased jobs in South Wasco County

Fiberoptics is coming for improved internet access to hospitals and data: We were awarded a $40,000 grant to bring the developing fiberoptics in the Maupin area to the clinic and Canyon Rim Manor, the Assisted Living Facility (a private organization), and after 1 1/2 years of waiting, we are actually seeing it coming to fruition!  We should have high speed access to the internet by December, which will give us improved access to other medical facilities around the state for obtaining our patients extended care.  We will be INTER-connected to hospital medical databases and they to us for improved bi-directional access where patients are receiving care.


Memorial Glass Blocks Order Form.docx


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